Devil Do A Flip | Poem
August 10th, 2022

A very important issue to me & something I speak about frequently is mental health. I wrote this song in the midst of severe anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide last year. It’s my pleasure to share, Devil Do a Flip — A story of overcoming my demons.

Time and time, and time I tell my friends

That things are getting better, when it is

That I am doing better, than I did

Cause I then put the metal to my shit *

[I just made the devil do a flip]

He’s rolling in his coffin cause of it

But I can’t solve the problem for the kid **

We’re rolling with the metal, pantera

If he’s talking war, vendetta

We’re coming back strong, whenever

Storm been through the calm, together ***

Storm been through the calm, together

May my niggas ride forever, dawg

- signed, ibn

*Typically, when they (my friends/family) ask if I'm okay, I'll answer yes, when it's a lie. As of lately, I've been in a better place, due to what I overcame. I’m doing better than I was doing, because at my lowest I had myself at gunpoint in the mirror.

**Making the Devil “do a flip” is my way of pissing him off, for not pulling the trigger even though I was so close. You can't make me sink into your darkness just because you're there. I can’t be your selfish resolve.

***Taking its inspiration from the heavy metal band Pantera, "rollin with the metal" is a metaphor for hunting down the devil with a gun. It's a constant battle, so I have to keep winning. It was my close friends who helped me realize I wasn't alone, so I will use their support next time these thoughts come rushing in.

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