Danger Zone EP by Ibn Inglor
July 3rd, 2022

An expressive, exhilarating ride of raw emotion.

The first project to come out of the Danger Zone DAO will be the “Danger Zone” EP and we couldn’t be happier. Without the support of the community, the crowdfund backers and many others we wouldn’t be here today.

For those who don’t know…



FWB x ZORA - SXSW '22 Performance | Photography by Isiah Hill
FWB x ZORA - SXSW '22 Performance | Photography by Isiah Hill

Born and raised on Chicago’s far Southside, I’m an alternative hip-hop artist who has made major waves in Web3. I was able to raise 20 ETH through Mirror's crowdfunding tool, which I used to fund my genesis project, "Danger Zone EP". In addition, I was the first Hip-Hop artist to release music on sound.xyz, the first music artist on Coinvise to launch a successful Membership NFT campaign.

Prior to web3, I’ve released projects that garnered attention from major publications. My distinctive sound as well as my dedication to exploring original ideas had my earlier releases featured in The FADER Magazine, Hypebeast, Noisey, and had me listed in Complex’s annual “25 New Rappers to Watch Out For”. My latest project is a symbol of hope to the children of Chicago's most violent neighborhoods, while also offering a theatrical experience to listeners.

Danger Zone EP

Album Cover by: Nate York | Associated Sin: Envy
Album Cover by: Nate York | Associated Sin: Envy

An expressive, exhilarating ride of raw emotion.

My seven-track album is a reflection of my world and upbringing.

  1. Danger Zone

  2. Jaw (feat. DuffleGang Gizzle)

  3. Blinded by The Love

  4. How Could I Ever (feat. Arran Sym)

  5. Interlude

  6. Talk Dirty (feat. Kevin Sinatra)

  7. Family Matters (feat. Reef Loretto)

Production by: Arran Sym & Brandon Mahone

Art Direction by: Nate York

Mastered by: Collin Jordan

Drop Mechanics

The market will determine the total volume of editions available for minting in the following two phases.

P1: Pre-mint  (closed) — 77 Limited Neon Editions

Danger Zone members, Sound, Catalog, Glass, and Coinvise collectors holding their Membership NFTs received early access to the mint.

Collectors who mint the Limited Neon Edition will get to claim all 7 songs from the Danger Zone EP, Get airdropped their edition(s) of the intro track 'Danger Zone', be put on the free claim list for the following releases and more.

Golden Egg | 1/1 autographed copy of 'Danger Zone'
Golden Egg | 1/1 autographed copy of 'Danger Zone'

P2: Public Mint — Ranged Editions

There will be one song minted every week for the next seven weeks via sound.xyz. Collectors who participated in P1 will be able to claim their free NFTs on sound each week.

Note: Golden Egg winner gets a 1/1 autographed copy of the song each week.


To EVERYONE involved in making this album a reality! This journey has been nothing short of amazing, and I am extremely grateful to be building here and receiving such tremendous support from everyone.

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